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Upper Bowl (Tech-2)

Lower Bowl (Tech-2)

Upper Bowl for (Tech-3)

Lower Bowl (Tech-3)
Upper Bowl for

Lower Bowl (Tech-5)
Upper Bowl for

Lower Bowl (MCA-3)
Sold Out!!
Upper Bowl for

(Deco-3 & Nouveau-3)
Lower Bowl for Syphon
(Deco-3 & Nouveau-3)
Upper Bowl for

(Deco-5 & Nouveau-5)
Lower Bowl for Syphon
(Deco-5 & Nouveau-5)
Upper Bowl for (NEXT-5)
Lower Bowl for (NEXT-5)
Upper Bowl for
F-103K Syphon Stainless Filter w/Spring
Syphon Cloth filter [535]CAD7.00
FS-103 Syphon Cloth Filter 5/ per pack
syphon cloth filter with spring [536]CAD10.00
F-103S Syphon Filter
CF-103E 100 Paper Filter (for Syphon)
Paper filter holder with spring [538]CAD17.50
F-103MN DCA/NCA Filter

Cloth Filter for DA-1SV
Mini Syphon
Cloth Filter w/Spring for DA-1SV
dripper pot cloth filter [4013]CAD13.50
FD-1 Cloth Filter for Coffee Dripper-S
dripper pot cloth filter [4014]CAD15.00
FD-3 Cloth Filter for Coffee Dripper-L
FD-3 Cloth Filter for
Coffee Driper w/Handle
Thermomenter w/Lid
for "Buono" Kettle
Ceramic Coffee Dripper V60-02
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-02 (Black)
AS Coffee Dripper V60-01
AS Coffee Dripper VD60-02
AS Coffee Dripper V60-02
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-02(Red)
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-02 (White)
Metal Coffee Dripper V60-02 (Stainless Steel)
KASUYA Ceramic Coffee Dripper (Black)
Copper Copper Dripper
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH"
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH" Set
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH" 360ml
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-01 (White)
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-01 (Black)
Ceramic Dripper MUGEN
V60 AS Dripper MUGEN
V60 Drip-Assist Set
V60 Drip-Assist
W60 Ceramic Dripper
Glass Coffee Dripper
V60-02 TB
Glass Coffee Dripper
V60-02 T
Copper Measuring Scoop
Drip Station "Cube"

[545]CAD 5.50
Bamboo Stirrer (Hario)
V60 Dripper Station
V60 Dripper Scale/Timer
Paper Filter for V60-02
Bleach Paper Filter for V60-02
Paper Filter for V60-01
Paper Filter for V60-01
My Cafe Drip Paper Filter
A-5 Rayon Lamp Wick w/Holder
A-55 Rayon Lamp Wick (5pcs)
A-1 Rayon Lamp Wick w/Holder
A-15 Rayon Lamp Wick
Refilling Holder Rekrow RK4203 Butane Burner

rekrow rk-4203 micro burner [398]CAD59.50
Rekrow RK4203 Micro Butane Burner

Hario Smart Beam Heater (BGST-350U) 
Sold Out!!
YAMAOKA Syphon Gas Top SSH-504SD

Flying Horse Electric Coffee Grinder 600N
(Dark Red/Black)
Sold Out!!
Halogen lamp [4027]CAD39.00
Halogen Lamp for Beam Heater (BGS-350)

Lower Bowl Holder
syphon rubber gasket

Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket for Upper Bowl (TCA-2/3/5)

Rubber Gasket for Upper Bowl (MCA,DCA,NCA)

TF-101M Filter Mesh
Measuring Scoop
Stand for TCA 2/3 Syphon
Plastic Lid for TCA-2/3/5 Upper Bowl
WDC-6 Paper Filter 50pcs/pack

WDC-6 Upper Bowl
WDC-6 Coffee Immerse Bowl
[4055] CAD24.00
IB-IOP Refill Stone
(for 4125 Hario Cartridge Pot)
Silicone Lid for SKERTON Grinder
Glass Canister L 1000ml
Glass Canister 800ml
"BONA"Tea/Coffee Canister 100g
"BONA"Tea/Coffee Canister 200g
Bolero Water Drip Coffee Maker
Glass Canister 800ml
Glass Canister 1000ml

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