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Hario TCA 2
Hario Syphon Tech 2
Hario TCA 3
Hario Syphon Tech 3

Hario TCA 5
Hario Syphon Tech 5

Hario syphon Nouveau 3
Hario Syphon Nouveau 3 (NCA-3)

[457V]CAD181 140.40
Hario Syphon TCA-2 Value Package
[486V]CAD188 149.65
Hario Syphon TCA-3 Value Package
[466V]CAD195 155.39
Hario Syphon TCA-5 Value Package
Hario NXA-5
Hario Syphon NEXT 5
[456]CAD260 220.00
Hario Syphon Sommelier
[377]CAD160 120.00
Hairo Mini Syphon
Filter-in Coffee Bottle
Filter-in Coffee Bottle
Cold Brew Coffee Pot 1000ml
Mitzudash Coffee Pot "Grande" 600ml
Cold-Brew Coffee Pitcher
Coffee Pot Hario
Coffee Pot 600ml
Coffee Pot 360ml
V60 Range Server Pot
V60 Range Server Pot 600ml
V60 Range Server Pot 360ml
V60 Coffee Server 700ml
V60 Coffee Server 450ml
V60 Metal Coffee Server
Heat Resistant Carafe 400ml
hario water dripper pota coffee maker
Water Dripper "POTA" Coffee Maker 600ml
Slow Drip Coffee Brewer SHIZUKU 600ml
Water Dripper "DROP" Coffee/Tea Maker 600ml
Coffee Water Dripper "Wood" 2000ml
Water Dripper "CLEAR" Coffee Maker 780ml
hario coffee drip pot
[5110]CAD44.00 Wooden Neck Coffee Drip Pot 240ml
Hario coffee Drip Pot [5111]CAD50.00
Wooden Neck Coffee Drip Pot 480ml
Ceramic Coffee Dripper V60-02
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-02 (Black)
AS Coffee Dripper V60-01

AS Coffee Dripper VD60-02
Sold Out!!
AS Coffee Dripper V60-02

Metal Coffee Dripper V60-02 (Stainless Steel)
KASUYA Ceramic Coffee Dripper (Black)
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-01 (Black)
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH" 240ml
Temp. Out of Stock!!
Copper Copper Dripper
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH" Set
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH" 360ml
Ceramic Dripper MUGEN
V60 AS Dripper MUGEN
V60 Drip-Assist Set
V60 Drip-Assist
W60 Ceramic Dripper
Glass Coffee Dripper
V60-02 TB
Glass Coffee Dripper
V60-02 T
V60-02 Glass Coffee Dripper
V60-02 Metal Dripper Hairline Silver
Beaker Server & Dripper Set
Drip Station "Cube"
V60 Dripper Station
Paper Filter for V60-02

Bleach Paper Filter for V60-02
Paper Filter for V60-01
Paper Filter for V60-01
My Cafe Drip Paper Filter
Rekrow RK4203 Micro Butane Burner
Rekrow RK4601 Micro Butane Burner w/stopper
Hario Smart Beam Heater (BGST-350U) 
Sold Out!!
Double Glass Cafépresso
Sold Out!!
Double Glass Coffee Press w/Olive Wood

Harior Bright Coffee/Tea Plunger
Harior Bright Coffee/Tea Plunger
Temp. Out of Stock!!
Café Press Wood Handler 600ml
Mobile Coffee Mill STICK
Coffee Mill "SLIM" Pro Stainless Steel
Ceramic Coffee Mill "SLIM" TB
Coffee Mill "SLIM" PLUS
Ceramic Coffee Mill SKERTON PLUS
Ceramic Coffee Mill "Skerton" Pro
Aluminum Alloy coffee Mill "PRISM"
Coffee Mill "SMART" G
Clear Coffee Grinder
Coffee Mill "OCTO"
Hario retro coffee roaster
Coffee Roaster "Retro" RCR-50
Electric Coffee Drip Kettle
"Buono" 800ml
Temp. Out of Stock!!
Hario Buono Kettle
Coffee Drip Kettle "Buono" 1200ml

Coffee Drip Kettle "Buono" 1200ml

Temp. Out of Stock!!
Coffee Drip Kettle
"Buono" 1000ml
Coffee Drip Kettle
"Buono Copper" 900m
"BONA" Enamel Coffee Drip Kettle 800ml
Mini Drip Kettle KASUYA 500ml
Coffee Drip Kettle "FIT" 1200ml
Coffee Drip Kettle "FIT" 1200ml
Kasuya Pour Control kettle 600ml
SMART G Kettle W 1.4L
SMART G Kettle B 1.4L
Stick Bottle B 350ml

Stick Bottle GR350ml

Sold Out!!
Insulatd Tumbler w/Lid Black 300ml

Insulatd Tumbler w/Lid White 300ml

Temp. Out of Stock!!
Insulated Mug w/Lid
Grey 300ml

Insulated Mug w/Lid
Black 300ml
Insulated Mug w/Lid & Infuser 300ml

V60 Drip Decanter
Temp. Out of Stock!!
Metal Drip Decanter 700ml
Sold Out!!
V60 Ice Coffee Maker 700ml
V60 Glass Ice Coffee Maker 700ml
V60 Glass Brewing Kit 600ml

Glass Coffee Maker w/Metal Filter 400ml

V60 Electric Coffee Grinder
Temp. Out of Stock!!
Slow Drip Coffee Brewer "SHIZUKU"
V60 Stainless Server 600ml White
V60 Stainless Server 600ml Red
V60 Stainless Server 600ml Black
V60 Stainless Server 800ml Black
V60 Stainless Server 800ml Black
Glass Canister 800ml
Glass Canister 1000ml
V60 Insulated Stainless Server PLUS 600ml W
V60 Insulated Stainless Server PLUS 600ml B
Glass Canister L 1000ml
Glass Canister 800ml
"BONA"Tea/Coffee Canister 100g
Temp. Out of Stock!
"BONA"Tea/Coffee Canister 200g

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