[4015] CAD12.00
Gold Plated Spout Strainer
[4006] CAD3.25
Drip Stop Catcher
Silver Plated Tea Spoon
Tea Filter Holder 
[430] CAD5.75
Tea Filter(S)
[431] CAD6.75
Tea Filter(L)
[431A] CAD6.00
Tea Filter

teacup infuser [439] CAD8.00
Teacup Infuser
tea strainer

[441] CAD7.50
Tea Strainer

tea infuser [442] CAD 4.50
Tea Tongs w/Spring
(1 Cup)
[4425] CAD5.00
Tea Tongs w/Spring
oval  tea infuser [4442] CAD3.75
Oval Infuser w/ Dish
tea infuser w/ bamboo handle [4443] CAD5.50
Infuser w/ Bamboo Handle  
tea infuser mesh ball [444] CAD4.50
Tea Infuser
50mm Mesh Ball
[4981] CAD4.50
Tea Infuser
Mesh Ball /4 Cups

[505] CAD 12.00
Agatha's Bester Filter w/Lid
cherry bark tea spoon

Cherry Bark Tea


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