5129 - Coffee Water Dripper - POTA (PTN-5BZ) 600ml CAD309.00

Water Dripper POTA

Size = W 190mm x D 170mm x H 290mm, 600ml, Material : Bronze 

You can make professional iced coffee at home.
Just set water and coffee powder. You can make for 5 cups of iced coffee in 2 hours. You can make a mild coffee without acidity, bitter and astringency, because coffee is fully and slowly extracted with water. If you put ice in the coffee and cool down, you can enjoy most delicious iced coffee.

Put ground coffee into basket, make it damp with water in advance and mix well.
Put a watershed container on basket, set to the lower bowl.
Turn adjusting lever to the right slowly, and drip, adjusting speed.

POTA Coffee Dripper Instruction