376 - Herbal Tea Syphon (HTF-2W) 300ml CAD110.00 Discontinued!!

Size = W 230mm x D 140mm x H 312mm, 300ml

It is a new type of good looking syphon for making herbal tea by extracting the essence of the tea by boiling it. Tea fragrance can be smelt during the process. You can see the tea leaves moving in the bowl which may bring forth some stage effect when used at commercial places like herb tea shops.

Pour hot or cold water into the lower bowl and boil it. Place the filter into the upper bowl, pull the chain and fix the chain at the edge of the glass lube.
Once the water starts boiling, set the upper bowl with the herb tea leaves onto the lower bowl. When the water from the lower bowl starts coming up, stir the leaves gently and let it brew for about 2 minutes.
Put out the alcohol lamp and just wait for the herbal tea coming down from the upper bowl by itself.

  Herb Syphon Instruction