5126 - Hario Coffee Bean Roaster "RETRO" (RCR-50) CAD365.00

coffee roaster RETRO RCR-50


Size = W 264mm x D 139mm x H 190mm, Cylinder Diameter = 100mm
Capacity = 50g

Keep the wick at 8-10mm in length and spread out the threads evenly.

Fill up only 80% of the bottle with denatured alcohol and make sure the entire, including the top, is soaked by fuel.

Prepared a heat-resistant pad under the roaster to avoid the possible heat damage the table.
Remove all the stickers from the roaster as it is flammable.

The maximum capacity of the roaster is 50g of raw coffee bean. Do not exceed this volume.
Make sure the lid is closed tightly.
Rotation rate = 20 rounds per minute = 3 seconds per round.

The rotational speed should be even and steady. Observe with the flame (should keep steady) and the color change of coffee bean.

The whole roasting process is around 15 - 20 minutes (different coffee bean may need varying times).
Coffee bean should be quenched right away.

Pour out coffee bean into a stainless steel plate and using fan to cool down the temperature (use caution when handling roaster & coffee bean as it will be extremely hot).

Brew the coffee bean in 2 days for better taste.