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Teacup HELENA FLOWER 210ml
Sold Out!!
hario teacup JPN [472]CAD20.00
Teacup Set JPN 150ml
Teacup Set Wide
Sold Out!!
LISA & GASPARD Mini Straight 170ml
LISA & GASPARD Mini Round 160ml
Sold Out!!
Teacup LISA & GASPARD 230ml
Mug LISA & GASPARD 400ml
Sold Out!!

Glass Bright 225ml

Glass Bright 310ml

hario one cup tea maker [469] Black  200ml
[467] White 200ml
One Cup Tea Maker
V60 Ceramic Cup/Saucer

Hot Glass
One Cup Tea Maker 200ml
One Cup Tea Maker 350ml
Twin Beer Glass 380ml
V60 Espresso Cup 3oz
V60 Coffee Cup 6oz
Espresso Shot Glass
Espresso Shot Glass

Heatproof Yunomi Pair
Heatproof Yunomi 5Pcs

Gaiwan Cup 100ml
Sold Out!!
Hana-Cha Glass w/Lid 180ml

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