Our mission is to offer the best quality products with best price to our customers. Thus, we only select the finest quality of teas and directly import from our reliable supplier in Germany. Our supplier has over a hundred years of experience in tea blending and expertise to ensure the consistent quality in a wide range of flavours throughout the purchasing and preparation process.

The quality of all the products is ensured through a careful selection of high-grade teas and ingredients with constant inspections and independent analyses are the commitment from our supplier. Due to the fact, our supplier’s quality management system has received ISO9001:2000 and International Food Standard (ISF) certified as well as registered under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a qualified company. Moreover, all the organic products are (BSC-Eco Guarantee) selected by our supplier from authorized organic farms.

Our Fruit Melanges are mostly aromatic pieces of fruit, berries, hibiscus and rose-hip form the basis. Blossoms and finely tuned fragrances turn them into delicious, distinctive taste experiences. A particular speciality of our supplier from Germany. Beneficial blends of herbs in a finely balanced composition, refined with delicious fragrances, our Herb Melanges are a diverse treat for both young and old.

Diversification, variety and surprise are all contained in this abundant range of our Flavoured Black Teas. Classic teas, such as Earl Grey, jasmine blossom and rose blossom tea, are just as popular as many innovative creations.

Also the light and refreshing taste of green tea mixed with fruity, exotic fragrances forms ideal, delicious combinations of the Flavoured Green Teas.

And Rooitea from South Africa provides a delicious, light drink, whether natural or flavoured. It is caffeine-free and contains numerous health-promoting ingredients.

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