Tea was imported from China into Japan during the eighth century A.D. Japan than started to create their unique way of making tea and drinking tea as part of their culture. Generally, Japanese teas are categorized as:
  1. Sencha:Japanese teas in general term, sometimes could be applied to precious and expensive teas. It can be processed by fired, roasted, or curled into other forms of Japanese teas.
  2. Bancha:The Japanese everyday-tea, made from coarse late-harvested leaves or stems, with refreshing and light tea taste.
  3. Hojicha:Oven roasted Bancha with earthy and nutty flavour, also low in caffeine with light brown colour tisane.
  4. Genmaicha: This variety is a blend of Sencha, toasted rice kernels, and popped corn.
  5. Kukicha: is also called twig tea which is made by tea twigs and stems. The liquor is dark brown color with a rich roasted flavor and aroma. Kukicha is much lower in caffeine than tea leaves and it has mind-refresh qualities.
  6. Gyokuro: The most exquisite Japanese tea, tea trees were preciously covered to avoid sunlight when growing, in this process, it reserves rich vitamins in tea leaves.
  7. Matcha:A green powdered tea ground from Sencha or Gyokuro, usually presented in the Japanese tea ceremony – Cha-No-Yu.


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