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About Hario Vacuum coffee Pots brewing instruction:

Hario Coffee Syphons (or Vacuum Pots) are simply the best and far superior both in quality and taste than any other coffee brewing methods. No other brewers can offer the same purity of flavor; eliminate the bitterness or even by using the heat resistant glass to keep temperature control precisely between 91 to 95 degree Celsius (196 to 203 Fahrenheit) without over boiling like Hario coffee syphons do. Follow the steps below and enjoy your coffee time!

Pour almost boiling water into the lower bowl, up to the desired level on the mearsuring scale (120ml water per cup) and then light the alcohol burner (make sure the external lower bowl is clean and dry).
Attach the filter to the upper glass bowl stem (metal chain goes through the funnel, then pull the spring and fix the hook onto the bottom edge of stem).
Add one heaping spoonful per cup (about 11g-15g) of regular medium grind coffee into the upper bowl (or you can pour the ground coffee after the water go up to upper bowl).
When water starts boiling, position the upper bowl by pressing lightly, without forcing. The air expanded by the heat causes the water to rise in the upper bowl. Stir with bamboo stirrer to mix well (submerge all the ground coffee in water).
The escaping air produces turbulence. Brew about 40 - 50 seconds with the burner still lit. When using butane burner, adjust the flames down to just keeping the water up north. (Some water should always remain in the bottom of the lower part).
Remove the burner. Extinguish the flame by means of its cover. Making final stir for another 10 - 15 seconds. The perfectly brewed coffee is then sucked down into the lower bowl.
Remove the upper bowl by gently rocking back and forth. Place it on the stand.
Now you have perfect coffee to be served directly into the cup.

   Caution: Please read the instrucion below before using this product.
                     Failure to follow these instructions and precautions can
                     cause people to be seriously hurt or item damage.

  1. Wash glass bowls in water without using soap before and after coffee making. When the oily matter adheres to glass bowl(s), wash glass bowl(s) in water with neutral soap.
  2. Use cleanser of fine grain powder when washing glass bowl. Do not use rough mesh cleanser because it damages the glass surface.
  3. Do not heat the empty glass bowl or when external surface is wet.
  4. Use dry cloth when handing bowl when it is heated. Do not place the heated glass bowl on a wet material and do not handle the bowl with wet cloth.
  5. Check the height of rayon wick and the quantity of alcohol before lighting. Proper height of the wick is 3 mm max.
  6. Use of denatured alcohol is highly recommended (e.g. Alcohol Stove Fuel - Methyl Hydrate, 99.9% pure to avoid blackening the glass surface). Be sure to extinguish flame before refilling alcohol to lamp. Put cover hood over the burning tip to extinguish.
  7. When pouring Methyl Hydrate into lamp, be careful not to spill alcohol. Varnished surfaces will be dissolved by alcohol. Keep outer surface of lamp clean and dry.
  8. Return alcohol remaining in lamp to its storage container when it is not used for an extended period of time.
  9. When using butane micro burner on syphon instead of spirit lamp, for safety reason, please read all the instruction manual of butane burner first.
  10. No matter using butane burner or spirit lamp, it is highly recommended to position the upper bowl at an angle (not fully set in place) before water boil. Let the filter metal chain touch the glass bottom. This metal chain can conduct the heat into the water and speed up the boiling time. It is also an easy way checking if the water start boiling and help to limit bumping water.
  11. When water goes into the upper bowl, decrease the flame from butane burner just enough to keep the water up north. Since sustained extreme high temperature from butane burner (it can attain to 1,300°C or 2,400°F) might crack the lower bowl.
  12. Use precaution to remove the upper bowl when it is hot.


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