Bring fresh water to the boil.
Warm teapot by rinsing out with hot water.
Put one teaspoonful of tea per cup into       the teapot and pour immediately the boiling       water into the tea.
Slightly stir the tea after 3-5 minutes; for      fruity tea, draw 5-10 minutes, and you may              add some sugar to arouse the flavour.

  To use the appropriate quantity of tea, the right water temperature and the proper brewing time are the three key factors to make the best flavour tea.

Use 1 teaspoon of loose tea for each cup or 2 to 3 teaspoons (4-5grams) of loose      tea for a 500ml size teapot.
The size of tea leaves can be using as a guide of the time it takes to brew.            Larger tea leaves will require longer time to brew than small or broken tea leaves.
Green teas and black teas require different water temperature and brewing              time. For instance, black teas require boiling water to brew in order to bring out the      aroma and whereas green teas require lower water temperature (75 to 85 degree      celsius) to brew.
The ideal brewing time for black teas will be 2 to 5 minutes and 1 to 3          minutes for green teas. The brewing time will base on individual preference.(Click      Here for Japanese Green tea brewing time).
However, to make your own flavour tea, you will still need to experiment  your own      tea to find out the ideal brewing time and what tastes good to you.


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