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For rest of the Hario Vacuum Coffee Pots (Syphon coffee brewer) and related parts,

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[486] Hario Syphon Tech 3 (TCA-3)
[466] Hario Syphon Tech 5 (TCA-5)
[487] Hario Syphon Deco 3 (DCA-3)
[488] Hario Syphon Deco 5 (DCA-5)

[375] Hario Syphon Nouveau 3 (NCA-3)           
[489] Hario Syphon Nouveau 5 (NCA-5) Discontinued!!
[5129] CAD260.00 Coffee Water Dripper - Pota (PT-5BZ)
[376] Herbal Tea Syphon (HTF-2W)
[5110] Wooden Neck Coffee Drip Pot 240ml (DPW-1)
[5111]Wooden Neck Coffee Drip Pot 480ml (DPW-3)


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