5140 - Hario Halogen Beam Heater (BGSN-350) CAD518.00 Sold Out!!

AC100V 50Hz/60Hz, 350W (Have to use Step-Down Transformer in North America)
Halogen Lamp (HL-BGS) = JD E11 AC100V 350W (2 Lamps in box)
Size = W 200mm x D 220mm x H 140mm
Weight = 2.3kg
Power Cord Length = 1.5M
PSE Certification (

Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials)

Glass Cover = Quartz
Lamp Hood = Brass
Body = Steel
Surface = Stainless Steel
Knob = ABS

You might need:

HL BGS 350

Max. 3 in series (1200W)

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coffee syphon bar