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Upper Bowl (Tech-2)

Lower Bowl (Tech-2)

Upper Bowl for (Tech-3)

Lower Bowl (Tech-3)
Upper Bowl for

Lower Bowl (Tech-5)
Upper Bowl for

Lower Bowl (MCA-3)
Sold Out!!
Upper Bowl for

(Deco-3 & Nouveau-3)
Lower Bowl for Syphon
(Deco-3 & Nouveau-3)
Upper Bowl for (NEXT-5)
Lower Bowl for (NEXT-5)
Upper Bowl for
F-103K Syphon Stainless Filter w/Spring
Syphon Cloth filter [535]CAD8.50
FS-103 Syphon Cloth Filter 5/ per pack
syphon cloth filter with spring [536]CAD14.50
F-103S Syphon Filter
CF-103E 100 Paper Filter (for Syphon)
Paper filter holder with spring [538]CAD22.50
F-103MN DCA/NCA Filter

Cloth Filter for DA-1SV
Mini Syphon
Cloth Filter w/Spring for DA-1SV
dripper pot cloth filter [4013]CAD15.00
FD-1 Cloth Filter for Coffee Dripper-S
dripper pot cloth filter [4014]CAD16.50
FD-3 Cloth Filter for Coffee Dripper-L
FD-3 Cloth Filter for
Coffee Driper w/Handle
Thermomenter w/Lid
for "Buono" Kettle
Ceramic Coffee Dripper V60-02
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-02 (Black)
AS Coffee Dripper V60-01
AS Coffee Dripper VD60-02
Sold Out!!
AS Coffee Dripper V60-02
Metal Coffee Dripper V60-02 (Stainless Steel)
KASUYA Ceramic Coffee Dripper (Black)
Copper Copper Dripper
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH"
Temp. Out of Stock!!
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH" Set
Immersion Coffee Dripper "SWITCH" 360ml
Glass Coffee Dripper V60-01 (Black)
Ceramic Dripper MUGEN
V60 AS Dripper MUGEN
V60 Drip-Assist Set
V60 Drip-Assist
W60 Ceramic Dripper
Glass Coffee Dripper
V60-02 TB
Glass Coffee Dripper
V60-02 T
V60-02 Glass Coffee Dripper
V60-02 Metal Dripper Hairline Silver
Copper Measuring Scoop
Drip Station "Cube"

[545]CAD 5.50
Bamboo Stirrer (Hario)
V60 Dripper Station
V60 Dripper Scale/Timer
Paper Filter for V60-02
Bleach Paper Filter for V60-02
Paper Filter for V60-01
Paper Filter for V60-01
My Cafe Drip Paper Filter
A-5 Rayon Lamp Wick w/Holder
A-55 Rayon Lamp Wick (5pcs)
A-1 Rayon Lamp Wick w/Holder
A-15 Rayon Lamp Wick
Refilling Holder Rekrow RK4203 Butane Burner

rekrow rk-4203 micro burner [398]CAD59.50
Rekrow RK4203 Micro Butane Burner

Rekrow RK4601 Micro Butane Burner w/stopper

Hario Smart Beam Heater (BGST-350U) 
Sold Out!!
YAMAOKA Syphon Gas Top SSH-504SD

Halogen lamp [4027]CAD39.00
Halogen Lamp for Beam Heater (BGS-350)

Lower Bowl Holder
syphon rubber gasket

Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket for Upper Bowl (TCA-2/3/5)

Rubber Gasket for Upper Bowl (MCA,DCA,NCA)

TF-101M Filter Mesh
Measuring Scoop
Stand for TCA 2/3 Syphon
Plastic Lid for TCA-2/3/5 Upper Bowl
WDC-6 Paper Filter 50pcs/pack

WDC-6 Upper Bowl
WDC-6 Coffee Immerse Bowl
Silicone Lid for SKERTON Grinder
Glass Canister L 1000ml
Glass Canister 800ml
"BONA"Tea/Coffee Canister 100g
"BONA"Tea/Coffee Canister 200g
Glass Canister 800ml
Glass Canister 1000ml
Bolero Water Drip Coffee Maker

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